Daily Habits for Getting and Staying Active

Making time for exercise
Making time for exercise

Have you ever wondered how those people who manage to exercise regularly do it? If you have then you will be one of the many who may have trouble keeping fit for varied reasons. Most people do not get much workout not because they are lazy. The struggle is real when it comes to balancing all the things that need to be done at any given day. But there is a silver lining for everyone who may feel that it would be impossible to get into an active lifestyle. Sometimes the road to getting and staying active starts with simple daily habits.

Find motivation from goals

Setting your eyes on a goal can spark your motivation. It can also serve as a reminder when you feel like your enthusiasm is ebbing. You can aim for long term goals like lifelong wellness or short term ones like losing or maintaining weight.

Pick an exercise you enjoy

You do not have to jump in the bandwagon and do what everyone else is doing. There is nothing wrong with keeping up with fitness trends. But it will not do you any good if you lose interest as soon as the novelty fades. To get active, you may just have to find an exercise that you would actually enjoy doing.

Make time

Lack of time for exercise is a common reason. And it is understandable given the wide array of tasks and responsibilities people have at any given day. But if you want to stay fit, you have to make time for exercise or physical activity. Otherwise you will be stuck with the same problem and would not be able to make the changes you need for better health. This may seem difficult at the start. But allotting at least 10-15 minutes for a workout every day is better than nothing.

Use reminders for consistency

Set reminders that will prompt you when it is time for your exercise routine. You can opt for a fixed time everyday for your workout. Or you can squeeze it between busy schedules.

Start simple, start slow

You do not have to make major changes in your routines just to get the workout you need. You can start with simple exercises or physical activities that you can easily do. Keep things fun and avoid putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Go for variety
Repeating the same workouts over and over again can get boring. You can spice up your fitness routine by doing other exercises. Find cross-training activities or use simple household chores to get active.

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Health & Wellness 101: Building The Right Kind Of Habits


Let’s face it: the world has been dominated by technology. Everywhere you go, you can see people burying themselves in smartphones. Everything you do, you can see people using all kinds of innovations to make things easier. But with that, is a tendency of neglecting health and wellness for more for more convenience and for more experience on – you guessed it – technological advancements.

That being said, you need to build the right kind of habits – ones that will not just make you healthy and well for life, but also help you keep up on those technological advancements without compromising your physical condition and even your mental condition.

Here are some of them:

Doing Chores Around The House

Exercising is not just limited to outdoor activities such as running or cycling. It can also be done with indoor activities like doing chores around the house. This way, you can build the right kind of habits gradually – ’til you can do more chores than usual. Be it sweeping the floor to build up your arm muscles or washing the dishes to build up your shoulder muscles, your body will be eventually conditioned to do all these and more without getting tired easily or being pained easily.

Eating Small, Not Eating Less

Strong not skinny. That’s what “eating small, not eating less” is about. Rather than eating less per day (e.g. skipping breakfast or lunch), why not eat small per day (e.g. eating small portions of food any time)? This way, you won’t miss out on the needed vitamins and minerals food can give you to last the entire day. Always remember, your ultimate goal is to be healthy and well – not only to be skinny and beautiful. Eventually, you’ll lose weight – without compromising your health and wellness inside.

Any other tips in mind? Share them with us below!

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